About Alattiyan & (Emad Afandi )

We are a leading Egyptian based coffee company Established in the ARE in 1995.
Alattiyan & (Emad Afandi) Group consists of a portfolio of integrated brands.
We provide high-quality, trusted, and essential food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the Egypt, and the Middle East.
The Company’s assets are located in the ARE, More than 300, employees are engaged in manufacturing, distribution and marketing various food and beverage products.
We do this here at home, across the region and beyond for people from all walks of life, and all nationalities. This commitment to wholehearted living drives what we do at every stage of the food chain – from field to home.
We’re determined to meet the highest coffee quality standards, in a sustainable way.
We value everyone we serve, and everyone who works with us. We do this wholeheartedly because we want everyone to live life to the fullest.